Greetings from the Great White North East

Do you hear that sound? Listen carefully.

Yes, that. That’s the sound of the Canadians and Russians laughing at us for being Snow Wimps.

Besides several feet of snow, the temperatures are in the single digits, and factoring in the wind chill, they are well below zero.


We are frustrated, moody. Winter is not supposed to be this cold.

Says who?

I came across a lot of humor on this subject, and I will share it here for your amusement.







Winter-8 Winter-9




Update: Here’s another one.



6 thoughts on “Greetings from the Great White North East

  1. I’m in NH and I can’t take it anymore! I’m used to snowy winters but this year it seems like we’re getting hit every other day with a big one. I’m about ready to just go to the airport and buy a ticket to anywhere warm! 🙂

    1. This has been a really bad winter! I am in Upstate New York. We are getting hit very hard, but you probably have it worse, and poor Boston…they have nowhere to put the snow anymore.

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