We have a winner!

Just chillin'
Just chillin’

Hi. Bailey here, filling in for Mom today.

The big news of course is about me–Mom’s blog readers voted for my “just chillin” picture for my avatar. People are amused when they see how I cross my paws. I’m very gentlemanly, that’s all. Just manners.

Mom has been busy lately. She finished painting the woodwork in the dining room, so now no humans or canines are allowed in that room without special permission. I thought Easter Sunday would have been a special day for me to sit under the dining room table and eat scraps that would fall. Mom was cooking a leg of lamb and it smelled delicious. I thought for sure I would get a lot of that dropped my way. But Mom put it in a pan and took it out of the house. She went to Grandma’s. I like Grandma; she always throws my toy for me and then I bring it back to her and we play tug of war. Grandma has cancer, so if anyone would like to pray for her, I would appreciate it. I’m sure if you tell God “Bailey’s human grandma,” He will know who you mean.

Two out of our three toilets have acted up. One won’t flush unless you take off the top of the tank and pull the lever yourself. The other one won’t stop running unless you pull off the top and push the part back down. I don’t know why the humans don’t just go outside like I do. It’s easy, it only takes a minute, and no toilets to argue with.

Mom got very involved in #1lineWed today on Twitter. She got a record number of “favs” and “retweets”. She feels like she might be back in the groove. Mom had gotten a little sloppy with #1lineWed. Some weeks she just picked lines and posted them, without reading them first and making them better. Live and learn, Mom says. If you’re not familiar with #1lineWed, it’s when a certain topic is chosen, and all the writers tweet lines from their WIPs, or work-in-progress. This week’s topic was “opening lines.” Mom had some good ones this week that people seemed to like.  If your are on twitter, you can follow mom @SueAnnPorterONE.

I don’t have a twitter handle yet. Maybe @BaileyTheWorldsMostSpoiledDog is too long?

Mom also says that soon we will schedule a day for me to make a guest appearance with Skye O’Malley on Anna Bowling’s blog. You can see her blog here: Anna’s blog

Mom spent a lot of time praying on Tuesday. There seems to be so many bad things going on in the world. Christians are being killed in foreign countries. This country doesn’t seem to understand what real Christianity is. People like to say “don’t judge” but they take it out of context. Jesus also said, “judge with righteous judgment.” He wants us to use our brains. Jesus died for our sins, but not so we can live any way we want. Jesus also gives us the power over sin, so sin no longer has a hold on us. God does have rules, to protect us from bad things. Rules for dogs are pretty easy, just do what you are told to do, and you will get treats.

Mom also has a lot of housework to do. She needs to mop the floors today, and vacuum. Yesterday she did some ironing too. I don’t know why she needs to vacuum up all my dog hair; it gives the place a nice homey feel.

So now that Mom knows what picture of me to use, she has to figure out how to make me one of the authors (officially) on her blog. Now that we have the winning picture, she can begin figuring out how to do that. And there will be more posts by me!


Your friend,






One thought on “We have a winner!

  1. YAH! So glad that picture won! That is the one I voted on. I’m sorry about your human Grandma…. I will keep her in prayers. You continue to take good care of your mom. Maybe she will fix you some lamb with you favorite cheese on it someday soon! 😉

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