4000 Pakistani Christian lives at risk in Thailand

Pray for the Pakistani Christians

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!


My Comment:  This was shared with me by a Pakistani Christian in Thailand.  We must not let the world ignore this! Share this with everyone you know.

Running from persecution to persecution, that’s what life of Pakistani Christians in Thailand is like. They left their luxuries, loved ones and their identity to become asylum seekers in a country that recognizes them only as illegal immigrants. Their asylum seeker certificate nullifies when authorities question their status in Thailand. They are not allowed to work or live there; if anyone is arrested they are taken to Immigration Detention Centre (IDC).

Without working they don’t have any resources of earning to afford food, medical, living and education. Persecution and problems have just changed their names but their size remains the same. UNHCR gives a time period of 6-7 years of limbo to assess their cases and to resettle them in a third country…

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