What I really wanted was oatmeal cookies.

Cuffin-Baking-SheetI drove to the store to buy some cookies. I had this strange craving. Oatmeal is classified as a comfort food, and I was seeking comfort.

Instead, I found myself at Staples, looking through the notebooks. I found this one with a Camaro on the cover. I also found some colored pencils on sale for 50 cents. So I bought them.

It’s a daily process for me to stop going to food for comfort. Every day is a battle. I think often of people who struggle with alcohol or heroin, or other drugs and how hard it must be to wake up every day knowing that you will wrestle all day long with the craving. Some days are easier than others. Sometimes we can distract ourselves with creative processes or good friends or even a good book or movie. And other days it feels like the enemy is huge, overpowering.

Staples_buySo I spent a hot $1.61 at Staples. I love finding stuff on clearance, it makes my day. My very first car was a Camaro (yes really) so I always have fond memories of my blue Camaro.

I am finally over my cold/sore throat so Mr. Porter and I will be going back to the gym on Saturday, and hopefully back on track. I find that when I am pumping iron, I have less cravings and feel better. I like how it makes my muscles feel. I cannot do aerobics; I have no coordination and I freeze like a deer in the headlights. So that just doesn’t work for me. I’m over it. People tell me to try Zumba, but I know myself by now, and the “group exercise” thing just doesn’t work for me. I like the weight machines, and then the treadmill or bike. And of course, there is always walking Bailey. He really keeps the pace going.

Well, it’s time I jumped in the shower. I have a writing class this morning.

I never did buy the oatmeal cookies. The notebook and colored pencils gave me incentive to look toward the creative process, to output rather than input.

4 thoughts on “What I really wanted was oatmeal cookies.

  1. Good for you on picking creative things to “feed your soul” instead of food. I’ve been using colored pencils and coloring in adult color books. So relaxing and so much fun to choose what colors I want to use.


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