Well I better write something

Staples_buyHi folks. I haven’t been on WordPress for a while, so I will try to bring you up to date on what’s happening in the Porter Universe. I don’t remember if I told you, the upstairs toilet leaked into the downstairs ceiling, causing quite a mess. We then got an estimate to fix it, $900. Thankfully, we have not fixed it yet (yes, we fixed the toilet, but not the ceiling) as the toilet leaked again (Yes we thought it was fixed) and leaked into the downstairs ceiling again. Ugh.


Bailey and Mr. Porter are wondering “what happened to spring?” as the weather has jumped from Frigid to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in two weeks time. I personally love the summer, but Bailey of course has a built-in fur coat, and Mr. Porter prefers winter. We have not yet switched over from the “heater” to the “Air conditioner” unit (it’s a big ordeal, I will spare you the details.)

I went to a writing class on Saturday, and I still have not digested everything. First, the topic was kind of out of my league, more than my poor little brain could handle. And then I found myself in panic mode; not since Junior High have I felt so confused. I need to go up to my office to “Free write” the whole experience. I’m hoping it will unearth some info that can be used in my novel. I’m told that teen-age angst sells books.

Speaking of books, I am wayyy behind on my reading, so I am behind on reviewing. You know who you are! Sorry, I will get to it when I can.

I may have already told you that the water softener machine is on the fritz. (Who ever made that saying up anyway, Colonel Klink?) It beeps around the clock. It freaked me out when it first started a few months ago, but I have gotten so used to it that it’s merely background noise. (Think Talking Heads’ “Life During War Time” –the sound gunfire, off in the distance, I’m getting used to it now…”)

So the water is too hard and so the kitchen sink has decide to erupt. The hard water has eaten through the plastic thingies in the faucet so that it sounds like a machine gun (I kid you not) when I turn on the water.

We also need to fix the back fence, as it is falling over and has been tied with rope to a tree so that Bailey doesn’t get out of the yard and try to eat the little rat-dog across the street.

Money Pit, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Well I better write something

    1. Yes, we are shopping for all kinds of thing to do “updates”. It’s just funny how everything seems to go at the same time, like all the parts of the house got together and planned it!


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