A Prayer for Suzy’s Father

The following is a prayer gleaned from several different books, mixed with scripture, to pray for that person that seems too far away for God to reach. Is anything too hard for the Lord? No.

Father, we boldly come to your throne and present __________. We stand in the gap for __________ and believe for his/her salvation. Your Word says to come boldly to your throne of Grace and receive mercy and find Grace to help in time of need.

We thank you that Your Word says that if we ask anything according to Your will, you hear us, and we will receive what we ask of You. We know that it is Your will that no one perish, but that all come to repentance and believe on the Lord Jesus.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they have divine power to demolish and destroy strongholds.

Father, we ask that _________’s spiritual eyes are opened so that he/she can see the reality of Jesus and understand the gospel. We loose ________ from spiritual blindness, in Jesus name.

We come against deception in all its forms that have attached themselves to _________. We pray that his/her wrong beliefs that contradict Your Word will be shattered in _______’s life.

Holy Spirit, we ask you to go and be with _________.

We come against the root of pride in _______’s life. The pride of life deceives a person into believing that they don’t need to repent, and don’t need a Savior.

We come against all Satan’s plans and schemes to keep _______ from believing on Jesus.

Lord of the Harvest, we ask you to send laborers into your harvest, both worldwide and in _______’s life.

We thank You, Lord, that Your Words are Spirit and they are Truth. We thank you for answered prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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