Chipmunk Condos

chipmunkThe chipmunks in our front yard created an underground tunnel system that rivals those of Vietnam in the 1970s. At first, it was only one or two of the fluffy little creatures, scurrying about. Now, it’s just plain insulting. I think they should start chipping in to pay the mortgage.

We’ve noticed holes in the yard for months now, but the holes are getting bigger and more numerous. The final straw came yesterday when we noticed that they removed a rock from our stonewall by the sidewalk.


This means war.

Where is Bill Murray when you need him?

Bill Murray eye to eye with a groundhog in a scene from the film 'Caddyshack', 1980. (Photo by Orion Pictures/Getty Images)
Bill Murray eye to eye with a groundhog in a scene from the film ‘Caddyshack’, 1980. (Photo by Orion Pictures/Getty Images)

Hubby set up the Havahart trap (have-a-heart) with peanut butter. I have a feeling that the little rodents will merely enjoy a fine meal, and leave the trap unlatched, laughing all the way back to the tunnels.

Considering the amount of holes in the front yard, I am sure there is a whole village in there. Here’s some of the things they are probably doing:

chipmunk-readingCatching up on the daily news.

workoutKeeping in shape.

chipmunks-datingGetting to know one another better.

basketballPlaying a friendly game of hoops.

My husband will be calling the Pest Control people to find out what we are able to do to rid our yard of these little guys.

I don’t think they plan to leave anytime soon.

santa-chipmunksLast time I looked, they were getting ready for Christmas.

10 thoughts on “Chipmunk Condos

    1. Hi Maria, We set traps for the chipmunks, they fell into a bucket of water and drown. We were not able to kill any squirrels, they seemed to be smarter.
      I found the pictures on “google” under “image”. I did not make the photoshops.
      There is also a big trap you can buy called Hav-a-heart that catches squirrels and does not hurt them, and then you can release them into a park.


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