Thank God my credit card was declined.


I stopped at the gas station on the way home. I pulled up to the pump, and inserted my credit card.

No. Your credit card is no good here.


I looked at the card and sure enough it was expired. We are in MAY now, not APRIL.

I fished through my purse and came up with $15. That’s enough for 5/8 of a tank. (It’s a joke from Frasier.)

Feeling embarrassed, I walked inside the little store to ask for $15 on pump 10. The clerk replied, “You know that’s diesel, right?”

“Umm, actually I saw that sign, but the one next to it…”

“What you wanna do is back up about seven feet, to the other side of pump seven.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I walked back to the car, still feeling dumb, but okay, I’ll back the car up.

That’s when I saw it. I looked at the pump. Yes, the left side was diesel, BUT the right side was 110 octane LEADED gas, which would have destroyed my car!!

If my credit card had worked, I would have pumped 110 octane leaded gas into my car, and I would not have a car right now, and I would be out $15,000 for a new car.

I was never so happy that my credit card was not accepted!



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