Book Review: Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

We know God wants us to pray, we know He wants to answer our prayers, but we don’t always get the answer we hoped for. This book takes us “behind the scenes” at what is happening in the spirit realm when we pray.
The author describes the prayer realm as a courtroom, where evidence is presented, requests are made, and accusations are answered. There are legal processes that need to be followed so that justice is served.

“One of the critical steps to effective prayer is understanding the will of God and praying in agreement with that will.” p 17

We need to remember that God is our Heavenly father, but He is also Judge of the Universe. He longs to answer our prayers as a father, but we need to bring the right requests for Him to act as Judge and judge favorably for us.

We have the scriptures to tell us what what God wants us to have, and we pray them back to God to agree with His will for us.

It is our job to enforce the victory that Jesus won for us at the cross.

The author plunges deeply into the protocol of presenting supplications before the Heavenly Throne.

This book is well worth reading!!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

  1. That’s amazing! I’m in the process of completing a book about the power of prayer. I will read this but only when I’ve finished mine. I wouldn’t want to be influenced by the words of others and inadvertently “plagiarize” my work. Thanks for sharing.

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