Summer vs. Non-Summer People (and dogs)


Day People and Night People are often compared and contrasted, and usually married to their opposite. Mr. Porter and I are a Day/Night team. But we are not equal: Bailey is on his side too.

We are also a Summer (me) vs. a Non-Summer (him), or maybe we could call it a Winter Person. Bailey is also a Winter Pup.

So in this household, I am outnumbered. Bailey and Hubby are up and out for their walk by 6:30 am. I am snoozing until the alarm blares at 8 am. (If I didn’t set the alarm, I would sleep until noon and you know it.)

Except for the occasional Holiday Hat Tricks, Bailey prefers the colder time of year.



In the Summer, Bailey prefers to take it easy.


He normally stages road-side sit-ins if I attempt to walk him when the temperature outside is above 75 degrees.

Then I take him home, and go off to the gym by myself.


So Summer People and Winter Dogs can actually get along okay, if they have to.



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