Sorting My Brain

IMG_4178Today is the kind of day where there are conflicting stories, conflicting goals, and questions I have no answers to. These kinds of days used to scare me, but now I realize this is a temporary state of mind and it will all work itself out.

We stopped at our new house-to-be yesterday, and it was quite exciting to peek into the windows and see that they had taken all the furniture out. They moved most of their stuff out of the garage also.

I had to call the doctor’s office, as the robo-call told me the appointment was at one address, but I had made the appointment at the other address. Well, it turns out that Ms. Robo-Call was correct, and good thing I heard the message or I would have gone to the other place and been wrong.

I also got an email from the landlord. The Home Owner’s Association wrote him a nasty gram because our garbage cans were out on a day that they were not supposed to be. We put them out one day early before we went on vacation. Then someone complained or rode by to find out this info. Horrors. Why don’t they complain about the house down the street that has 100 gnomes on a daily basis and makes the neighborhood look trashy?

I submitted a Flash Fiction story Saturday, and as soon as I hit “enter” I saw the verbs that should have been modified. We should invent a “do you really really want to send this” button. ha.


“Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle”  or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Sorting My Brain

  1. There really should be a do you really really want to send this button…. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have wished for one of those! Great post, I love how you can just tell people about what’s on your brain and it keeps me interested to the end… very interesting thoughts you have 😀

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