What’s with all the white trucks today?

I went with my neighbor today to take Bailey and Zeva for a walk. A white truck stopped by the side of the road. I thought he was going to ask us for directions. He backed up the truck and kept going, right past us. He got out, ran into the road, picked up a large board and put it into the truck bed. Whoops, it must have fallen out.

We turned down a side street and a white truck zoomed around the corner. We jumped out of his way.

Then we saw this water feature. It’s on my wish list.

We got back to my house and this truck was parked in my neighbor’s driveway.

I don’t know what they have in common. Yet.

Over the past week, I made some new friends and spent time with some old friends. Not that they are old, but I’ve known them a long time. We are all still 22, right?   And my cousins.  I adore my cousins. Ok I love my friends too!! Don’t get all snippy now.  YOU know who you are !!!!

We are closing on the new house tomorrow. I’m calling the contractors, utilities, cleaners, etc. I’m planning in this being my last house but you know about plans.  Especially my plans.

My first 75 pages of my novel manuscript “Ambassador” is with the editor. I’ve waited 30 years to say that.

Today is the final walk through on the new house. I bought a new Made in USA tape measure so we will decide what furniture goes where.

In my spare time, Ha, i need to get my cartoon face back up on the header of the blog page. Also I need to put another page to link to some of my Flash Fiction stories. In my spare time…

I needed to blog today to digest all that is swirling around me. It’s quite a lot right now.

I’m looking forward to having time to work on my manuscripts and maybe write a Flash story about a white truck.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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