Less Trees: The “after” pictures

Last thursday, I posted some pics of our yard before the Tree service guys removed the trees.  

I had every intention of posting the “after” pics on Friday. Meanwhile, I received a phone call Thursday night that my cousin Dan had died. 

This threw the tree transition to the back burner. I had to find some appropriate clothes and pack a suitcase to go out of town to attend the services. 

So, here are the “after” pics.  

Nice empty yard.  

We can actually drive from the road to the backyard shed now.

A little elbow room on the side of the driveway.   

Immediately before I left town, I had to go to the doctor for my shoulder and arm pain.  He gave me two shots of cortisone, which have done nothing to stop the pain, and some anti inflammatory pills. Pain is still there, especially at night, making it difficult to sleep. 

Meanwhile, the kitchen cabinet transition is still in process.  

Eventually I will have pics of that!!

Have a good day everyone.  

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