Who’s a doofus?  (Raises hand).  Me. 

Our contractor sanded the kitchen cabinets, and I was supposed to put a coat of primer on them, and then two coats of paint.  

After working all Saturday afternoon, in which I also skipped my Writer’s meeting, I finally put the paintbrush down, and put the last cabinet door on the plastic to dry. 

As I was replacing the top to the “primer” can, I realized that it said “paint”.  I had grabbed the wrong can, and wasted the afternoon painting instead of priming.  😳

As you can see, the pink is still poking through. Sigh.  

Mr. Porter thankfully has agreed to get our contractor back, and let him finish the painting project.  After he said this, my depression lifted like a helium balloon.  

So the saga of the pink cabinets continues. One day this will be a funny story to share at parties, but today is not that day.  

5 thoughts on “Who’s a doofus?  (Raises hand).  Me. 

  1. This sounds exactly like something I would do. Hence the reason we have used contractors to do most of the work around our house with the exception of our bathroom. My husband and I did redecorate and paint the entire bathroom which included 2 vanities and the mirror over each as well as changing out light fixtures. It was a team effort and it looks great! Although I will NEVER EVER do that again. I pray you can laugh about this some day… 🙂

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