More kitchen progress

At end of day yesterday we had drawers!

A sigh of relief.  Yes, this is really going to happen.  It takes time to measure correctly, drill the holes, and attach the handles. They are all lined up perfectly. That takes time too. 

Although the counters look like marble, they are actually some kind of formica. I do however have some chemical stuff to make them shiny, so they will look real from a distance.  Meanwhile, I can slice, dice, and spill things with no worries. 

This morning the contractor will be installing the doors on the pantry. I will post pictures tomorrow, unless of course a NounTornado occurs, and we are pre-empted.  😳

In other news, my new business cards arrived.  

I really like them.  As you can see, I am setting up a new author page on Facebook.  You can get to it by typing SueAnnPorterONE in the name search field.  I am hoping to discuss Struggles.  We all have them. Let’s be victorious.  

Also, I was fortunate enough to see Casting Crowns in concert last Friday night.  Mark Hall seemed a little tired, and Megan filled in on vocals for a few songs so he could take a break.   Cancer and cancer treatment slows us down a little, but Thank God he’s still with us!

The extended intro to “Praise you in this storm” gave me serious chills.  I have not been able to find a youtube clip that captured it, but I will keep looking.   

So Lord willing, I will post pics of installed cabinet doors tomorrow!!

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