Avoiding toxic chemicals in makeup and skin care

In honor of my friend Dawn’s birthday, I promised I would dedicate today’s blog to her work to provide safer products for families.

They don’t test on animals. There is a list of chemicals that they never use in their products that are banned in Europe, but not in the USA! These are chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory irritation, hormone disruption, and cause birth defects in unborn children.

The company is called Beauty Counter and you can read more and buy products: Here

Items we use every day like shampoo and conditioner are loaded with words we can’t pronounce that are actually toxic to our bodies.


Personally, after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I stopped using any deodorant or antiperspirant with aluminum listed as an ingredient. One of my pet peeves is that companies such as Secret brand display a pink ribbon stating that they donate to Breast Cancer Research, yet contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer.



You can contact Dawn for any questions Here  

No pressure!!

You can sign up for a free email subscription to learn more about these safer products.

Happy Birthday to Dawn and many more!

If you have any problems with the links, or any questions, leave a comment and I will reply asap.


One thought on “Avoiding toxic chemicals in makeup and skin care

  1. Thank you SueAnn. You are great to share the mission and the movement. It’s really not about products, although they are amazing, it’s about bringing positive social change one person at a time. Everyone counts and everyone deserves better in our amazing country. I am happy to share the Never List of 1500 ingredients we should NEVER use in our personal care products. Email me.
    Here is a short 3 minute you tube video that explains the moment a bit. If it doesn’t work for you here, then you can watch from my website as well. Enjoy;) Here’s to safer beauty. xoxo


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