Too bad we stayed at THIS hotel

Mr Porter and I visited family over the weekend. We had a big party for my aunt’s 80th birthday.  Although several people invited us to stay at their house, we opted for a hotel. 

The lobby looked modern, and the front desk clerk greeted us cheerfully.  We walked past the pool and spa area to our assigned room on the first floor. Only a few steps from the room to the pool. 

But as we placed our luggage in the room, loud footsteps echoed in the wall beside us. The staircase was right there.  I looked out the window to see front fenders within inches of the building.  Nope, this room is not going to work. 

We exchanged this room for another room on a higher floor.  Okay, this should work. The TV played The Matrix while Mr Porter dozed off. I heard the guy in the next room loudly telling a story, as if there were paper between us.  I turned the volume up on Morpeus and Neo to drown him out. 

Eventually nature called. Who designed this bathroom, Twiggy? 

There’s about six inches between the door and the toilet. But that wasn’t the worst of it. 

Sandpaper. I’ll say no more. 😳

It was time to go relax in the pool.  I changed into my bathing suit, grabbed my beach towel and went down the elevator.  

It kinda looks like ice on top there doesn’t it? I put my feet into the water, but there was no way I was going in.   Way too cold.  I did sit in the hot tub for a while, though, and it was enjoyable.  

Back in the room, I wrestled between the bathroom door and the toilet to get to the shower to de-clorinate. I slid on the tub floor, but thankfully didn’t fall as I turned the dial

But no hot water came out, just lukewarm. I didn’t need to wash my hair so I quickly soaped up and rinsed. Okay, I might have missed a few spots, but it was too cold. 

Eventually I fell asleep. In the morning Mr. Porter reported what he had heard last night on the other side of the wall. Then, he heard the guy next store tell his wife what he said. Echo.  

We went downstairs for breakfast and noticed that the snow from last week had still not been shoveled from the emergency exits.  

Good thing there was no fire alarm last night.

I filled my plate with scrambled eggs and grabbed a banana. We sat down at the table and tasted the rubbery eggs, and I turned over my banana to find it was split open all the way down the back.  We threw out our breakfast and went to the diner. 

So when I get the email asking how our stay was, I will let them know. It won’t make any difference to the rest of the universe, but at least I will get it off my chest. 

What’s your worst hotel experience?

10 thoughts on “Too bad we stayed at THIS hotel

  1. My sister and I drove for hours on a route that we were not used to. We found the motel and the lobby was nice. The parking was in the back but we had to climb 2 flights of stairs to our room. Room was very nice but cold water only in shower, the faucet in sink came off and the toilet ran whenever it was flushed. We were exhausted so we slept well in spite of all of that.


    1. Wow Terri, what’s worse than a cold shower, right?! It’s difficult also if there is no elevator, and you have to climb all those stairs! I never realize how much I overpack until I have to cart it up the stairs. I’m glad you got a good night’s sleep anyway. I slept well but hubby didn’t. It’s always nice to get back home to your own bed!


  2. While on a family trip with three young girls, we stopped at a motel in Ohio about midnight. We were so exhausted, we didn’t check out the room first. After checked into our room adjacent to The Elephant Lounge where they were having Saturday night karaoke. We went into the room, flipped on the light and hoards of roaches scurried for cover. Upon seeing this, we scurried back to the van. We drove to the next rest stop and slept there.

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  3. Ugh…that sounds terrible, SueAnn! So I was thinking about it, and fortunately I don’t have any terrible hotel stories. The worst I’ve got is just loud people in the hall and nearby rooms…which is really obnoxious. But in the end it’s not dangerous. Now if you want to talk about bad renting experiences, then I can get going about that place in Schenectady!! Sorry about your hotel experience. 😦

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  4. I have traveled quite a bit and have had things go wrong but the latest one happened last weekend in San Antonio. We went for the weekend for my hubby’s birthday. Out of all the places i have been… all over the world, I have never had anything stolen out of my room until now. While we were out in the city, someone came into our room and went through drawers but only took my phone charger. Now, that wasn’t an expensive item but thank God we had our valuables in our safe or who knows what else they would have taken. We called security, filed a report and I’m afraid the maid whose card was used to enter our room (it wasn’t her) was probably fired. But she had let her master key our of her site and someone used to to gain access to our room and who knows what other rooms. It wasn’t WHAT was taken… it was the fact that there was an individual in there with the soul person of stealing. The part that is still disturbing to me is that NO ONE from the hotel has followed up with us. SOO, my next phone call is going to be to the Wyndham Corp office to report the manager and what happened. :-/

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    1. Wow Courtney I am glad nothing valuable was taken!! But yes, it’s very unsettling to know someone has been in your private space, going through your private belongings. I feel bad if the maid was fired; those maids work hard for very little money. I’m glad no one was hurt.

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      1. It is sad that she may have been fired. But for reasons exactly like this one they are NEVER supposed to let that card out of their site. They probably also figured out who used it and I’m SURE that person was let go. The entire staff was at lunch at the time our room was entered so they will know who wasn’t where they were supposed to be. Maybe the maid was just written up and put on probation, who knows. We may have inadvertently opened a whole can of worms but I can’t help that. But after doing some more research this morning, I have found there are all kinds of problems with this property. I not only sent formal complaints to the corporate office, I have posted on Facebook and everywhere else I can find. Social media can be pretty strong but they have made the wrong person mad… I tried to be nice about this, but now I’m pissed! :-/

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        1. Well it’s good that you’re speaking up about it. They need to be more careful with card access. I’m nervous about kids. What if someone broke into a room and hurt a child?! They have to be more careful with this stuff. I’m glad you said something to them!!!

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