Let Go and Let God is a bunch of crap.

Yes, it’s a famous line from the 12 step programs, but it never helped me. Let go–send your problem into the universe–God may or may not fix it. The problem goes into the great cavern of other problems, with no known solution. Let it go into the great sea of forgetfulness.  Some call it faith. I call it crap.

Then, I heard a song that made everything make sense. Casting Crowns to the rescue once again.

“Stop holding on, and just be held.”  That’s what I needed to hear. That God cared. He would hold me. The problem/pain/hurt/confusion becomes tiny when you are held in the arms of an omniscient God who actually cares about you.


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So now, I can stop holding on, and just be held.  God’s answer might be different than the one I was hoping for, but now I have assurance that He cares.

6 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God is a bunch of crap.

  1. I love that much better! It is wonderful to know our Heavenly Father holds us through all of the good times and bad. I agree 100% about “Let go and Let God” but I think it means to lay our burdens at His feet and let Him take care of them. I have to do that on a regular basis…

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