How to read an eBook if you don’t own an eReader

I received an offer for a FREE ebook from K. M. Weiland, an author who writes about Novel Structure, Character Arcs, and other writer-y topics.  She also writes novels herself. 

The book available for free is called Dreamlander and looks like this: 

I’ve spoken to several friends and family who are new to the eBook world. They don’t own Kindles or Nooks. They do, however own smartphones and laptops. 

We are able to read eBooks on our smartphones using a Kindle app. So for instance, you go to to read K.M.’s new book.  

As I have crudely circled in yellow, Kindle price is 0.00.  Right under that box says “Read with our free App.”

Click on Free App.  

The next screen pops up:

At the very top of the page it says “Get the Kindle App”.   The following line says to enter your phone number or email address. Then a link will be sent to you to download the app.  

Where I have highlighted in yellow, enter your phone number or email address. Then click the   button to the right, “Send me the link”. 

This will allow you to download the app and read the book on your phone. 

If you would like to read the book on your PC or Mac, there’s options for that too. 

On the same screen, at the bottom, there are options to download to your Mac or Windows-based computer. 

Click on the one that is appropriate for you, and the app will download.  

I hope this has helped. 

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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