Cleaning out my phone pictures

Yes, I haven’t blogged lately.  I don’t seem to have anything I really want to write about.  So I figured I would go through my phone pics and clear up some space. I tend to take 5 or 6 pictures of the same thing, and promise myself I will go through and just keep one. Today is the day. 

I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones with you. In no particular order:

Bailey relaxing.  

CVS receipt for ONE item.  

My current read. 


It was toasty yesterday.  Oh and we couldn’t use the air conditioner.  I was fine but Bailey and Mr. Porter were melting.  




Don’t call me Shirley!

The woman at the well.   I’ve been meaning to write about that story!  

Why did I take this picture?!

I highly recommend this book. 

What are you doing? Where’s my cheese?

Have a good day.    

4 thoughts on “Cleaning out my phone pictures

  1. you’re the best. these are great. and yes, i do the same thing. I take 5 of the same shot and go thru them when i have my glasses on and can zoom in each picture to make sure i pick the one where everyones eyes are open etc… it takes a very long time.
    Maybe you wanted to have a picture of a toilet paper dispenser you would like to get for your bathroom and wanted to remember what it looked like. i do that sometimes then forget i took the picture. lol

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    1. I guess it makes up for the years of film, when we had to freeze in our pose and hope it came out alright. Now we have multiple chances to get it right. And yes I need my glasses too LOL


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