My vacation mishaps: Bee stings, meltdowns, and fog

This new battle with Vertigo has certainly thrown me off the highway and into the ditch. But you know me, I am still crawling forward. Prickers and thorns tearing at me, hands and knees shredded but still moving forward, sort of.

I spent some time in prayer for the country today. There really are more of us than them —>the haters. Less newscasts, more prayer time, and we can all get there.

The highlight of today will be putting the cd of my latest CAT scan into my pc and taking a look. I have no idea what I will be looking at.

I haven’t finished blogging about my vacation. We returned to “real life” and “real life” took another smack at us. Two consecutive nights in the Emergency Room with vomiting and room-spinning (dizziness does not begin to describe it) and all the lists in my “Make it happen” notebook are pushed to back burners, countertops and cabinets. We are back in survival mode.

I am on anti-vertigo medicine, which THANK GOD stops the room spinning, but my head still hurts, and I would not dare drive a car. This kinda messed things up last Monday, when I was supposed to drive Mr. Porter to the hospital for his medical procedure on his heart. First, a catheterization, then the doctor was going to insert a stent into the heart. Supposedly routine, but ask Joan Rivers about “routine”.  Long story short, his sister and his mom met him at the hospital, his mom drove his car home, and he rested the next day. We have to keep an eye on Mr. Porter, try to eat better and exercise. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So–back to vacation. Things were going pretty well until Mr. Porter was stung by a bee. Oh, did I mention he is allergic to bee stings?

He told me it was not a life threatening emergency, but we needed to get some Benedryl. Which we did. This made him drowsy, and he fell asleep on line to cross the border. Yes, he was driving. But we made it ok.

We enjoyed a few hours in Canada and stopped for some fish and chips.


 One morning we woke up to dense fog. I could hear the horns of the passing ships but couldn’t see them. It was eerie. 

Another day we went into Alexandia Bay. It was closed. Well the park was closed.   All the souvenir shops were open so Mr. Porter tried on a hat.  

 Everybody wants to be a pirate.   

We went grocery shopping afterwards, then I melted down and slept on the front porch for a few hours.  It wasn’t my favorite day, but it’s still better than Vertigo!

 Also while we were in Canada, I picked up this nifty hat and scarf set. It was actually made in Nepal from New Zealand wool.  I’m guessing it will be warm enough for winter.  

It’s only been two weeks since vacation but it feels like two years.  I hace a doctor appointment Monday to diagnose the cause of the Vertigo.   

Don’t worry, I am not driving!

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