Happy “Sorry Your Card is Late” Cards

What do you think?

Christmas came and went, and I only got about 1/3 of my cards written and mailed. There are a few friends I would like to keep in contact with but I missed the deadline.

Is it better to send a “Happy Spring” card? A “Sorry I’m late” card, or just a generic “Thinking of You” card?

Should I invent a new type of card for this situation and see if Hallmark goes for it? 😀

Or am I past all that, and maybe just sit down and write an individual letter?

Upon further research, okay, Google if you must know, these cards have already been invented. Here’s one from American Greetings.


okay, so it’s not specific to Christmas but “I’m sorry” cards are a thriving business. Finally, cards for real people.

2 thoughts on “Happy “Sorry Your Card is Late” Cards

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