Rainbow without the rain

“The picture doesn’t do it justice,” as the old saying goes. This display of color hung over my town on Saturday. I noticed it as I was driving to visit family. Yes, I know about the science of color, prisms, refraction of light, etc.  To me, this was a sign from God that everything is going to be ok. End of story.

I saw every color of the rainbow in this cloud formation, with deep purple on the bottom, through the blues and greens and into reds and yellows. I never saw anything like this before, and that’s why I am taking it personally–it’s mine.

Today is Vendor Day at the Porter Household. Right now, there is Pest Control Dude in the attic, setting traps for flying squirrels. Bees might also be up there, he was warned. Of course, Bailey barks every time Pest Control Dude goes to the truck and then comes back into the house. It’s Bailey’s job, and he’s good at it.

Also planned for today is Mr. Appliance, and that is really the name of the company. Our dryer stopped drying, so we need that fixed asap. Bailey will let me know when Mr. Appliance shows up, I’m sure.

The garbage disposal also stopped working, but Mr. Porter was able to fix that with a pair of pliers and a flashlight. It seems one of my floss holders fell down there. Mr. Porter retrieved it, and now the disposal works fine.

Also making an appearance will be Lawnmower dude, to collect his cash for past mowings.

Later in the week, we are having “filler” and new topsoil brought into the yard, to fill in the holes where the trees used to be. Then we will be planting a new lawn, which most likely will not need mowing until next year.

I took some pics of Bailey yesterday. He was napping. Here are a few for your entertainment:


He wasn’t too happy when I woke him up.

Also on the agenda is my continuing study of Python programming language. I took a quick three week intro class, and I am now taking a UDEMY.com class. The instructor has a thick British accent, so I watch the videos with the closed captions on. Really.

That’s all for now. Have a good day!


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