I spilled coffee on Langston Hughes #human #mistakes #langstonhughes

To err is human they say, and to forgive divine, but the hardest person to forgive sometimes is yourself.

A few weeks ago I was at my computer doing something or other, when my coffee cup fell over and coffee went everywhere. It hit the carpet and left a big stain. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it also hit Langston Hughes, the book, not the person.

I returned the book to the library a week later, only to receive a phone call from the Librarian asking me if I knew anything about coffee stains on the book. Gulp. Yeah, that must have been me.

I offered to replace the book ($37.00) but they only charged me $10.  I have to stop by and pay it later.

I made another mistake that I feel bad about. I told my son to apply for a job at ABC company. But I told him the wrong address! He went to the wrong address, and it looks like he is getting the job there. If it all turns out well, I guess I can forgive myself that one too.

Lots of stuff going on, as usual. Big leak in the middle of the ceiling due to the air conditioner unit in the attic leaking into our ceiling.

But today’s theme is HOLD ON TIGHT. I keep seeing that phrase wherever I look today. There is a time to stop holding on, and just be held, but today it seems, I need to hold on tight. This lyric video even includes the French part. I took French in high school and I’m tres rusty.




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