Home Again #HomeSweetHome

We are technically in our house again. We have walls. Sort of.

We are back in ye olde house, sans mold. So I need to be thankful! Walls will be fixed and painted in the next few weeks. Then we will go back to some kind of normal.

Yesterday I wrote about part of Psalm 139. I hit PUBLISH several times, but it seems it did not publish until I hit it again today.

Anywho, Today I received an email starting out with a different part of Psalm 139:

God already knew all our days.

God already knew that yesterday I was going to write for hours, and the document self-edited, and vanished and has to be re-written.  God already knew I was going to feel unstable, unable to make order out of the chaos that is my home. Plastic is still on the wall, cardboard is the floor instead of carpeting. He already knew about it.

He already knew I would be upset because the Governor got re-elected, and this Governor only cares about New York City, and not Upstate New York.

But for whatever reasons, I have to accept the situation, and move forward from there.

Psalm 139


God is not surprised by any of it. Also, when all this pressure it applied to a person’s life, it’s amazing what will come out of said person’s mouth. Personally, there’s been a boat load of anger over small things like someone not using a turn signal, or cutting me off in traffic.  I think of that other scripture:

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. –Matt 12:34

I have a lot of anger in there. Hopefully it comes out and stays out!!




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