Is it too soon to plan #SummerVacation ?

I asked this question on Instagram, and the answer is “NO!”Β  (I know that was a real cliff hanger…) πŸ˜€

Scrolling through my phone photos the other day, I came across this one of the seagull. It was taken two years ago, up by my favorite vacation spot, (Altogether now, “CLAYTON”!)Β  The photo was taken at a park on Lake Ontario. (Note to self: Look up the name of the park.)

Cabin available for rent in said park.

We are scheduled for a Nor’easter tonight, or as I call it, blizzard, (try walking the dog in it…) 😳 so while the white powdery stuff swirls around us I will think about the summer up in the North Country. I get such a kick out of throwing pieces of crackers and watching the seagulls fight over them. They have a pecking order, and the loudest one usually wins, unless the fastest one gets there first.

timing is everything
couldn’t get this pic again if I tried

I received an email from my usual Motel and Cabin Rental place which stated they are upgrading their software, and soon we can book online instead of over the phone. I don’t know if this is good or bad, as other people might find out about this place, and as much as I want them to have steady business, I don’t want to be boxed out of my week either.

Mr. Porter is currently enjoying Star Trek reruns, so I have a few minutes to write. I need to get something together for my writer’s group which meets again in two weeks. I am still sprinkling things into Chapter One – The Parade, and then I hope to put it aside while I work on other various scenes which are still in bits and pieces. I have an overall idea of how it’s going to go–but it’s a work in progress and things can change.

Bailey needs to go to Pet Smart and get a mani-pedi today. He does not enjoy that.



Have a good weekend everyone, and stay warm!



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