Movie Review and other thoughts about “A Private War” #APrivateWar

Maybe I should just confess that prior to watching this movie I had never heard of Marie Colvin. Sure, make fun of me if you want, and yes I do live in my own little world. She probably never heard of me either. πŸ˜€

I watched this movie yesterday on the RedBox app. I am liking this app; when it’s cold out, I don’t want to drive to the RedBox machine and wait in line to rent a DVD. Although it’s a few dollars more to rent the movie directly from my TV, I don’t have to get out of my jammies and drive in the frosty cold to rent a movie. Brrr.

Marie Colvin was an extremely brave journalist who traveled to war torn regions to report on the human stories–how war affects the common people. She didn’t concentrate  as much on the politics of who was right or wrong as much as how these tragic wars hurt people who are just trying to live their lives and raise their children.

She lost her left eye while in Sri Lanka. She had identified herself as “unarmed” and bam! she was hit with shrapnel.

Honestly, if that happened to me, I would stay home. But not Marie. She kept going into war zones so that she could report to the world what was happening.

Rosamund Pike gives a great performance as Marie. I can give this movie a thumbs up.






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