Sandstorms and a song #sandstorm #song

Last night, Mr. Porter and I watched the movie “Body of Lies.” Apparently we watched it when it came out in 2008, but since that was over a decade ago, it was like watching it for the first time. ha.

There was a scene in the movie, where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character (aka “Leo” for the purposes of this blog) is smuggled in the back of a truck out into the desert. He thinks he is exchanging his life for his (supposedly) kidnapped girlfriend’s. An American drone flies overhead, watching from above so that Russel Crowe’s character will know where Leo is taken. Leo is left in the dessert, alone in the middle of nowhere.

Finally a vehicle approaches. Then two, three, four vehicles approach. They surround Leo and encircle him, driving in circles around him, kicking up dust as they go. The dust storm is so extreme that is renders the drone overhead useless–they cannot see which vehicle picks up Leo and drives him away as the four vehicles leave in four different directions.

This morning’s prayer call ( I listen to Jennifer LeClaire on Periscope) was entitled, “The dust will settle!”  Wow. All those things in my life swarming around will eventually settle— I choose to believe it. I kept picturing that scene from the movie, how it’s hard to see what is right in front of your face when the dust is blinding your vision. But it’s there.

Today’s song is not from Casting Crowns (I know you’re shocked!) but it’s from our friend Bart and MercyMe.

Even If



*** PS  RETRO ROXI where are you??? I miss our conversations. Is your blog offline?!



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