In search of a dishpan

There is never a dull moment in the Porter household. This week, I stepped into the kitchen to find the floor puddled in water. ( Don’t you just hate wet socks?) My first guess was that the dishwasher was broken– maybe the side gasket was leaking or the door hadn’t closed correctly. I threw some towels on the floor, and went off to bed figuring it would be better dealt with in the morning.

The next day, I looked for some dish detergent under the sink to find that it was flooded with water under there too. Ugh. I grabbed a large plastic container and put all the cleaning supplies into it.

Mr. Porter looked under the sink and we’ve decided it’s the garbage disposal ‘s fault. He watched a few YouTube videos about that, and sadly since it’s leaking from the bottom, the disposal will have to be replaced.

Meanwhile we can’t run the dishwasher because it drains under the sink and who wants to flood the floor again?!

So. I had to go buy a dishpan. It’s only 3 bucks but I had to find a store that actually sells them! I went to three stores before I successfully found them at Job Lot.

The great quest for a dishpan was successful. We can now wash the dishes in the bathtub, like people do when the kitchen is being remodeled. 😀😀😀

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