The number one way to pass a test. #test

When my son was in elementary school I taught him one secret about tests. The answer to write down is not necessary the best answer or even the correct answer. It’s the one the teacher wants.

For example, if the question “Who killed President Kennedy?” is asked, write down “Lee Harvey Oswald.” Although time and research show that this is not the answer, if you write down, “The CIA hired assassins who hid in the drains in the road,” and write about the trajectory of the bullets, you will be marked wrong.

I got smacked in the head by this rule the other day because I forgot it. I applied for a part-time job online. They responded with a ten question quiz. I answered the questions as honestly as I could (not always the best when it comes to tests).

One question stood out: I prefer to work independently more than with a team.

Silly me, I sat there debating– well, I do like being part of a team, but there are also times when I like to work alone and crank out work. It’s great to be in a good team that helps each other, but if I am bombarded by too many people at once I get defensive and come across as rude when I don’t mean to.

Finally I answered True. I hit the button and sent it. Oh no! As soon as I did, I realized that is not the answer they want.

My resume and cover letter are now in the black hole of Nevermore for that position.

My friend Krystal encouraged me, stating that it might have been too much teamwork, and never a second to myself with my own thoughts. So this is what I am believing . 😀. Gotta move on, after all.

I interviewed for a position a few weeks back that I really wanted– but since there were so many people bombing questions at me all at once, I went into defensive mode and I bombed. Obviously they have hired someone else who is kinder and nicer. 😀. I wish them all much success, love, and happiness.

My door will open soon.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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