At the water cooler for home use. #water

We have a new addition to the Porter household, a water cooler. I seldom jump on fads and trends but I couldn’t resist this one! On sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for 30 bucks, how can you go wrong?

The center cylinder is supposed to be filled with ice, but Mr Murphy ( aka Murphy’s Law) must have gotten there first, because both ice cub trays in the freezer were empty.

The ice cubes placed into the middle cylinder is/are supposed to weigh down the bottom strainer ( so that lemon slices do not clog the faucet ). But because our ice did not exist, everything floated around until I was able to secure the lid and hold it down with a bottle of Geritol.

Not just for iron-poor blood anymore!

I also recommend Geritol for anyone feeling sluggish and blue in the winter. I can’t find it in drug stores anymore so I have to order it online. Last time I asked a clerk at CVS if they had liquid Geritol he responded, “I’m not familiar with that Application.” Made me feel old: first because he never heard of it, and second because of the vernacular he used. 😳

So will we drink more water like we are supposed to? I hope so!

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