Up All night with the Canadians. #CornerGas

I stumbled across this show on Amazon Prime. I’ve been binging. It’s hilarious. Its called Corner Gas.

Based on comedian Brent BUTT, yes that’s his name, gotta have a sense of humor– it’s a sitcom of a small, very small town in Saskatchewan. The boonies of Canada.

In between my prayer calls, one weekday mornings and one several nights a week, I am also brushing up my Python programming skills, and just started a course in C++. My college days were several decades ago, and although I could probably get a job in COBOL, it’s not my first choice. New programming languages!!

There’s a company down the road that has a C++ programming job that’s been advertised for a few months. So I’m figuring I can probably learn this and give it a shot.

Some nights I just stay up late with the Canadians. And laugh.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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