The Boy who Harnessed the Wind. #MovieReview #BasedOnTrueStory

I admit, the beginning of this movie seemed a little slow. But that’s because I needed to slow down. This movie takes place in a rural village in Africa where the pace of living is much different. The people there are more grounded; they live in harmony with the cycles of the seasons. They need to fetch water daily from a well. They dig in the soil and plant the seeds and harvest the crops. They don’t have tvs, cell phones and a Starbucks on every corner. The viewer needs to appreciate this and slow down to receive their story.

Someone long ago decided how a book should be paced: Xyz happens, rising action, climax, etc. But real life does not work like that, and neither does this movie. That’s another thing to like about it.

So obviously, he harnesses the wind; his windmill works. But the journey he took to get there is worth watching. The desperation of a village dependent on the elements is heartbreaking.

What really sets this movie apart is the depiction of how much education is valued in this village. That alone is worth the “price of admission.”

This movie is now Available on Netflix! 👍

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