In Heaven, you don’t have to pee.

January 6 is always a tough day for me. It’s the anniversary  of a loss I experienced as a teenager.

This year, I found out that someone I knew died the day after Christmas. It saddened me. This person was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in October, and he’s gone already. I know that he wanted to live another ten years or so (he was 68) and continue the work he did, which was organizing prayer phone call meetings for the Persecuted Church throughout the world.

I never met him in person, only on the phone. He was very kind to me, and helped me overcome a problem I had wrestled with for 30 years. I am not 100% over it, but he helped me make giant steps forward.

Although I know he is in Heaven, and happier than he ever was here on the planet earth, he really wanted to stay alive and finish his work.

I sometimes think about what it is like to be in Heaven. No stress, no pain.

And you don’t have to pee.

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