A swan dream

I woke up in the middle of the night, and felt God drop something into my spirit. I am not sure what the total package is yet, but I fell back to sleep and had a dream.

A friend of mine was celebrating a birthday, and serving decorated cupcakes instead of a cake. Miniature figures, intricately designed, sat on top. Each cupcake told a different story.

A swan sat on mine, and also a little white figure of a person, made out of icing. I ate my cupcake and later found out that each one also had a book that belonged with it, that also told the story with the figures on top of the cupcake acting out the story.

I was supposed to keep my decorations, but I ate them. I lost my book because I didn’t know I had one.

Later people that kept the decorations and the books together in a board game, each one had a small wall dividing them.

Weird, right. I’m not sure what it means or if it means anything.

I remembered that years ago my mother used to give me swan knick-knacks because she thought they were pretty.

I consulted a bible concordance, and it seems that swans were among the unclean animals that God told the Israelites not to eat.

Anyway I thought I would write this down and see if I notice anything else about swans in the coming weeks that would make more sense.

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