The three eyed boy #different #unique

He was a red-headed young boy, about nine years old. He had a “learning disability” and was overweight, he had three eyes,  and wore a colorful plaid jacket. His parents loved him very much.

I dreamed this last night. 

I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He replied, “A banker.”

I told him that he would do a good job, and then I went on to tell him he was going to help a lot of people. He would make money and help others.

His father asked me, “Are you prophesying?”

“Yes,” I told him.

The father then went to live video of an aerobics studio where his family and friends were working out. He asked them, “Is this a true prophecy?”

“NO!” They yelled together. “You’re wrong.”

I politely said goodbye and left.

I pondered what kind of family would want to think that holding back your child was a good idea. I realized they were trying to protect him from harm because he was DIFFERENT. Red heads normally stand out in a crowd. Three eyes across his face instead of two would attract ridicule.

I realized I would have to wait twenty or thirty years to see if the prophecy would be fulfilled.

I thought of his plaid coat of many colors, like Joseph in the bible, which was a symbol of his father’s love for him.

Three eyes obviously would mean the boy could see things that others couldn’t.

So often the crowd is wrong!

Many times we need to wait and wait and yes wait until events come to pass. Think of Abraham waiting for Isaac. He made an Ishmael in the process, but Isaac still showed up.

Sometimes we see things others can’t, or choose not to. Instead of arguing and trying to force your opinion, wait for the Lord’s timing.

Remember too, that waiting is not only enduring the passing of time. When a waiter waits on tables, he is seeing to the needs of the customers, bringing them what they want, and LISTENING. This is how I try(!) to wait on the Lord.









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