Do you really care about your employees?

Many offensive actions are a slap in the face to the employees. Here are a few from several people over the years:

  1. Employee is told repeatedly, “I’ve got my eye on you,” in threatening tones, day after day.
  2. Verbal abuse, including swearing, demeaning, and rude comments against employee. When reported to management, nothing is done to fix the problem. The victim is asked, “Did you speak to <the offending party>?” Victim blaming.
  3. The clock is watched and employees more than 30 seconds late are reprimanded. Managers may leave ten minutes early, get paid for the time anyway.
  4. Employees are YELLED AT for not knowing things they were never taught.
  5. Customers and employees share ONE toilet. Yes. you read that right. Not only are there no male/female separations, but the customers who come in from who-knows-where are using the same toilet as the employees. Cashiers spend their entire break waiting to use the restroom.
  6. Only tap water is available to drink. Once upon a time there was a bottled water service, but it dried up.
  7. Hours are changed to 12-hour overnight shifts for no reason other than “change”. No discernible benefit to the company.
  8. Employee was fired for finding an old coat on the rack upon arriving for shift. Manager had spent the whole time in the back eating, and had to sacrifice a worker “who was not watching the floor like they should have.”
  9. Employee held hostage by office mate who smoked. (This was in the 1980s. Obviously this has changed.)
  10. Employee is groped by a customer. Employee is told, “That’s what you get for being good looking.

I’m sure volumes could be written on the subject!

People have to work. We do the best we can.

But don’t lie to yourself and say you “care” about the employees when it’s very obvious that you don’t. You’re only fooling yourself.

2 thoughts on “Do you really care about your employees?

  1. Yes, all true. And what about the agent of the company who approached a young girl and says “what a beautiful necklace and reaches out to touch it….on her chest? I remember a lot of those approaches.

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    1. My grandmother told me stories of how awful it was in the workforce for women. They were just supposed to take all the abuse, it was just part if the job. We have made progress since then for sure. But it does still happen unfortunately.


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