Meet my new Buddy


As you know, our dog Bailey passed away. He was getting old and he was sick and he is no longer with us. We were going to wait awhile before we got a puppy, but Mr. Porter was looking at to see if there were any puppy litters coming available towards the end of the summer. I had thought maybe we could name him “Sloan” as that was my brother’s nickname.

On, we came across a dog with such a remarkable resemblance to Bailey, that we had to look. His ad his name is Buddy. He was a rescue dog, but he has special needs as he needs to take medication for seizures. He has not had a seizure since going on the meds.

 I emailed back and forth with the “Foster Mom” who lives up by Lake Placid.

We were going to go up for a weekend and meet Buddy and see the sites. We haven’t been to that area of the state since before covid.

I had a bad cold/ear infection/sore throat so we had to cancel the trip.

The foster mom said that the following weekend her son and daughter in law were going to NYC and they could stop and meet us on the way and we could take Buddy for a “trial weekend.” If he doesn’t work out, we could send him back.

We said sure. We took him for the weekend, but also had to sign the paperwork that we are adopting him and if it doesn’t work out, he goes back to his foster mom.

Buddy came to visit and we decided to keep him.

Then we called her back and we said, “What’s the story on this boy?”

We find out he had been rescued from a Breeder. The owner of the business actually used to breed dogs and show them and won awards. Let’s call her Marie. She was very good in her day, but in her later years she developed dementia. I guess Marie didn’t really have anybody checking on her to make sure she was okay. So of course there were just dogs all over the place they weren’t being fed properly and so they rescued Buddy out of there with 18 other dogs and they had them in a shelter for a while.

Buddy did get adopted, but his owner went to jail and so Buddy was found running loose. Another shelter rescued him and they had him for a little while. Then the girlfriend came forward and she wanted to get him back, but she couldn’t produce the paperwork that her boyfriend owned him. I’m assuming he would have had AKC papers at some point or at least a bill of sale.

Marie owned the place where we had bought Bailey!

Buddy and Bailey are distant cousins.

Then Buddy was sent to a high kill shelter were he lived for six weeks, instead of the usual two. He was then rescued by the foster mom and got along fine with her three sheltie females.

One guy adopted Buddy, but he already had a dog in the house, and after only three hours called and said, “Come take this dog back!”

The foster mom took him back.

Buddy was then adopted again, but after about two weeks he was sent back to the foster mom.

Then Mr. Porter found Buddy and he came to live with us at his forever home.

My brother passed away about two years ago. The last dog he owned before he died was named Buddy.

Buddy’s long and broken road led him to us.



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