The Dog Park

A ten-minute drive from my house– is the dog park. Somedays there are eight other dogs to play with. Sometimes no one is there, and Buddy cries and whines because he’s stuck with me instead of a doggie friend.

The other day, there was a border collie at the park. He was on the other side of the fence from Buddy. They barked at each other and ran along the fence line. Then the border collie (his name was Kane) barked, Buddy barked, and they immediately changed direction and ran the other way.

They ran back and forth along the fence line, barking and agreeing when to change direction and run the other way.

Then they both barked, and stopped, and took a moment to catch their breath.

I wish I had captured this on video! My phone was in the car in the parking lot.

I hope we run into Kane again soon, and I can video these dogs together.

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