Tulsa, 1921. Race Riot or Massacre?

The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 by Tim Madigan I don’t remember when I first learned about it. I had been studying the time between just after the Civil War, the so-called “Reconstruction” and The Harlem Renaissance of the early 1900’s. Between reading books, learning of Eric Foner (Professor and expert on the Reconstruction), and … More Tulsa, 1921. Race Riot or Massacre?

Saratoga Battle Field

“We fought the Bloody British in a town called…..” Saratoga. One of the most important battles of the American Revolution was fought on the Saratoga Battle ground.  Thanks to Teddy Roosevelt, this battle ground is a National Park, and hopefully will NEVER be messed with. I was there on the 3rd of July. I didn’t … More Saratoga Battle Field