Until recently, I never had a problem with jealousy. Someone could get a new  car, new job, lose weight, get married–I honestly was not jealous, I was happy for them.
While re-watching for the 98th time, “Amadeus“, one of my favorite movies of all time, I thought about jealousy. In the movie, Saleri is portrayed as Mozart‘s main enemy. (In reality, the character played (brilliantly!) by F. Murray Abraham is a conglomerate of many enemies).
I always thought, while watching the movie, that Saleri, instead of being jealous, could have humbly asked Mozart for help and LEARNED FROM HIM. At the end of the movie, Mozart is sick and Saleri is ‘taking dictation’ and writing down the music as Mozart composes it. This could have been their relationship all along. Saleri could have learned from Mozart what he so desperately wanted: to compose life-changing music.
I am now in my own situation… where there is something I would like to learn and do, and God is telling me to humble myself and go to a person that I don’t like for help!
God really does have a sense of humor.

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