I lost Darleen’s brother at the Rush concert

I lost Darleen’s brother at the Rush concert.

It started out as a normal adventure. I picked up my friend Bernie, and then picked up Darleen’s brother J.R. We had bought our tickets ahead of time. I was sitting with Bernie, and J.R. was meeting up with some friends, and sitting in a different area.

After another spectacular show by Rush, Bernie and I walked to the designated meeting place to grab J.R. and give him a ride home. He wasn’t there.

We walked up and down the block, inside the building again. No sign of J.R. We walked up and down the block again. We checked every parking lot. He was no where to be found. We finally gave up and decided to just go home.

The next day, the phone rang. It was Darleen. “Poe, how could you leave my brother behind?”

“Darleen, we looked everywhere. I’m so sorry. I couldn’t find him.”

“Mwuhahaha,” Darleen started to laugh. My brother got arrested last night.”


“Yeah, apparently he was in the bathroom, selling speed to someone and a narc walked in and caught him in the act. The narc grabbed the pills, took him outside and handcuffed J.R. to the flagpole while he waited for backup.”

“Hancuffed to the flagpole?! Oh that sucks. We looked everywhere for him, I felt bad.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it, Poe,” Darleen answered. “As it turns out, they ran the pills through the lab and it as only caffeine pills. They can’t make the charges stick since it’s not a narcotic, it’s just caffeine.”

“Well I’m glad he’s not in trouble. But he gave me quite a scare.”

“Yeah, my mother was not too happy when she had to go pick him up from the police station.”

“Yikes, I can imagine. Well at least it wasn’t my fault.”

“Yeah, Poe, don’t worry about it.”

“Ok, talk to ya later.”

Well I don’t remember giving J.R. any more rides to any more concerts.

But we all lived happily after anyway.

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