Sargeant York – A Memorial Day Reminder

Yesterday, I watched the movie “Sargeant York” on TCM. It starred Gary Cooper as the lead character.

Alvin York, before he became Sargeant, lived in a small town in Tennessee. He came from a family of poor farmers. He wanted to buy a plot of land so that he could provide a better future for himself and the woman he loved.  His rival was Zeb, who also wanted the land, and to win this woman’s heart.

York made a deal to buy the land with the man who owned it. The land was down the hill,and known for being better farmland than the property the Yorks owned on top of the hill. The seller double-crossed him, and sold the land to York’s rival, Zeb.

York took his gun, jumped on his mule and set out to get revenge on both of these guys. On the way, lightning struck and fried his gun so that it no longer would shoot straight, but would point back to himself. York has an encounter with God at this point, and forgives both the seller and buyer. York winds up working on Zeb’s land for a while, providing his family with income. [Hard to imagine working on the land owned by the guy who stole it out from under you.]

York goes to war, kicks the Germans‘ arses, and comes home. The State of Tennessee rewards him with 200 acres and a house.

The moral of the story: Forgive those who have hurt you, and God will reward you.

This is not easy…but necessary.

Not easy at all.

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