Do you have a lucky number?

My favorite number

I don’t much believe in LUCK, myself. I believe in coincidences with the definition of  Luck being: “Luck equals hard work meeting opportunity.”

I don’t believe in “Friday the 13th” curses.

I do have a favorite number. More about that later.

I have an Aunt who gets mystified by the number 11. Even before 9/11, she was superstitious about it. She was coming back from Ireland, and was supposed to fly home on the 11. She switched her flight.

I do like 7 and 11 as they relate to Convenience stores, i.e. they exist. 🙂

Biblically, there are certain numbers God uses to explain principles to us. Seven is the number of perfection or completion. Six is the number of man. 666 is…well, you know. Twelve is the number of tribes of Israel, and there were 12 Disciples. Thirteen is the number of Rebellion. Eight is the number of New Beginnings.

Then there is the Book of Numbers in the Bible. I have to admit, I don’t understand all the numbers and why they are included, but God must have felt they were important, and maybe in the later days, He will reveal it to us.

The reason 157 is my favorite number? That’s how much I hope to weigh someday.  Weight Watchers Rocks.

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