Due Dates
Due Dates (Photo credit: stevenkamenar)

We as humans tend to put forth Super Human strength just before the due date.

If someone is running for office, there is a flurry of activity just before election day.

If we have a goal such as losing 10 pounds, it makes it easier if we give ourselves a deadline, such as “June 25, my High School Reunion.” The deadline helps us overcome our temptation to overeat, and stick to the diet.

God made us this way, yet He doesn’t tell us the exact day that we are going to die, or the exact date that Jesus is coming back.  God knows that if we knew when our last day would be, we would wait until the last few days to get right with God, and to tell others that Jesus died for them so that they can have eternal life. We would do all our best work at the end.

Instead Jesus told His disciples plainly, “No one knows the day and hour, not even the angels but only my Father in Heaven.”

Jesus also said, “But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and  not allowed his house to be broken into. Luke 12:39

It goes against our humanity to be constantly ready. We need Jesus to keep us and the Holy Spirit to keep us ready for Jesus’ Return — or our day of death.

Due dates are closer than they appear
Due dates are closer than they appear (Photo credit: Mark Blevis)

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