My Stay-cation in Lake George, NY

We start here, at the beginning....
We start here, at the beginning….just off the exit….

We live approximately an hour away — so off we go –on our stay-cation!

Stop! You can't come in here!
We attempted to go up the hill, to a park, to see the view, but we were stopped!!!
We went back into town, and I saw this cute lobster, posing for a picture!
“Pancakes House” — we didn’t eat here either… gotta watch my carbs, ya know!
OK, down to the Lake itself. Here’s one of the “cruise” boats that frequent the lake.
A blurry image of a guy parasailing… he’s much braver than I am!!
Some racing boats — that red one sure was fast!
More boating — beautiful water — and the moutains–
Mama duck and baby ducks.

On the way back to our car — we spotted this beauty!








We had a nice staycation!


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