So I bought a lottery ticket

maryland lottery vending machine @ lexington m...
(Photo credit: coolhunting “tapas”)

My friend emailed me to stop by, that she would have a dvd for me to borrow. I wrote back that I would be there at 2 pm.

I was running a little early, so at 1:35 I pulled into her driveway. I turned off the car, stepped out, and closed the car door.

Just then my cell phone rang…it was my friend telling me she wasn’t there, but where I could find the dvd.

That was some serious God-timing.

So I left and drove to the store, and bought some items for supper. The lottery machine stood by the checkout line, mocking me. I decided, hey, I experienced some impeccable God-timing today, maybe I would get a good scratch off ticket and it would be a happy day.

So I bought the lottery ticket.


I did NOT win.

But then I remembered that God supplies us our daily bread, one day at a time, and having trust in Him is its own treasure.

He meets our needs, not always our wants. Well sometimes our wants too.

But I doubt I will ever buy another lottery ticket. 🙂

[hopefully the TEXT does not go into the black hole of the universe like yesterday’s post did]

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