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Enjoying the Journey

In recent weeks the Lord has been dealing with me about so many weaknesses in my own prayer life.  One of the most glaring has been my failure in the matter of intercessory prayer.  Perhaps no where is our selfishness more on display than in our prayer life.  “Lord, bless my four, and no more” is not so far removed from the reality of most of our prayers.

When we do pray for others by name it seems that it is often motivated by our sheer frustration with them!  We are much better at praying imprecatory prayers (praying against others) than we are intercessory prayers (praying for others).  The heart of Jesus is one of an intercessor.  Read John 17 and see how the Lord prayed for his disciples!

Intercessory prayer is the forgotten ministry of the church.  Few speak of it because it is done in private and not…

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