Why I love my coffee cup

IMG_2280 As I’ve mentioned before, I am *not* a morning person. I’m a night person. So coffee first thing in the morning is very important to me. I believe this is hereditary; I’ve been told my Paternal Grandmother used to walk into the Diner and tell the waitress, “Coffee NOW!”

My husband bought me this set of four oversized mugs (assorted colors) last Christmas at Cracker Barrel. (I once almost choked to death there, we were on our second date, and he was not sure if he should follow me into the Ladies Room or not. Long story short, I recovered.)

This mug in particular has an orange band around the top. On the right side struts a rooster, the traditional symbol of the Being who awakens the neighborhood when the sun comes up, and tells you to get your butt out of bed.

On the left side of the mug is some writing, which says, “Teach me to hear the song of the morning.” I am not able to find the original source on this, so I’m not sure if it’s a song, statement, prayer or plea.

Moving on to the inside of the mug, there is a picture of a rising sun. Really.

This works out for me nicely, as it gives me a spatial symbol so that my right hand knows when to stop pouring the cofee. Otherwise, I keep pouring until it comes over the top of the cup. (Not a morning person, remember?)


See, there really is a little sun in there!

Then, it’s off to grab some milk from the fridge and pour a little dollop into the cup. I thankfully have mastered this “all-in-the-wrist” movement, and can usually stop pouring before it goes over the top of the rim.

on a good day
on a good day

So after the milk is added, all thinks remaining equal, I can still carry the cup upstairs to my office without much spillage.

Then, there is the whole issue of the strutting rooster. Is he trying to cross the road? If so, why? Gets the brain-wheels turning.

[My all time favorite reason for the chicken crossing the road: To prove to the raccoon that it’s possible.]

And so, my oversized mug can hold about 12 ounces of my chosen liquid, and cuts down on the trips downstairs to the coffee pot.

So until tomorrow, I’d like my coffee NOW.

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