The Dimension of Time

IMG_2302Time itself is a strange concept. When we are enjoying ourselves, time seems to move quickly. When we are uncomforable, time seems to move slowly.

When we are kids, time seems to pass slowly. Each day is so long; Christmas and Summer Vacation are always light years away.

As adults, sometimes we stop and realize a decade has gone by since we’ve seen an old friend. But then when you visit, it feels like yesterday; you pick up right where you were.

My husband was getting water at the nearby Springs. He was talking to another man about how time goes so fast and there is so much to do in one day. Then three men in prisoner uniforms walked over to the Springs, accompanied by their correctional officer. Time must move much more slowly for them. While someone is in prison, they look at how much time they have left to serve, and how long it is until they can be free again.

Then of course is the concept of Eternity. It’s a different dimension of “time.” I’m not so sure the word “time” encompasses it.

I always think of God living in Eternity, which is a different realm completely. My friend Irene says, “God sees it all like a big parade.” We know that He knows the Beginning and the End already.

So God is in Eternity, and the planet earth is in TIME. Sometimes I feel that we get a small sense of Eternity here on earth–especially during praise and worship. On the flip side, if you have ever been afflicted with Depression, it has a kind of “black hole” of eternity…you feel like it’s going to last FOREVER. That’s the difference between a “bad mood” and Clinical Depression in my humble opinion—Depression takes place in the Dark Side of Eternity.

While we are here on earth, we still have to deal with the mystery of Time.

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